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Benoit Xhenseval

Who am I ?

  • Based in London and founder of ObjectLab.co.uk and Appendium Ltd.
  • A Computer Consultant with a wide experience in the latest technologies: Java 2 Enterprise Edition: J2EE, Spring, Mule, JMS, Servlets, JSP, JavaMail, JDBC, OO Databases, etc
  • Domain Expertise: Securities Financing and Foreign Exchange
  • Current Availability: September 2009
  • Interests: Mountaineering, climbing, reading (have you seen the book section?).

    Open Source Project Contributions

    • QALab, founder, historical view of your code QA statistics
    • ObjectLab Kit, founder, Date calculators for business and finance.
    • FlatPack, parsing library for delimited file/strings (CSV or other) but also fixed length records.
    • StatCVS, Code statistics from your CVS repository.
    • StatSVN, Code statistics from your Subversion repository.
    • JTreeMap, a heatmap chart library.
    • Nachocalendar, a date picker.
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